Web Design III



One of our major goals in this course is to prepare you for what the work environment will be like for jobs in this field. In this course we will survey current trends in the field of User Experience Development, a niche of the broader field of web design in which your work overlaps between design work and technical work. At the heart of this field is a focus on building high-quality, user-friendly experiences for websites and web applications. To apply what we're learning we will complete two structured projects in the first half of the term.

Another major goal of this course is to help you develop a lifelong learning mindset and the ability to find research, answer your own questions, and develop some interests in specific areas in the field. So in the second half of the term you will complete an elective project in which you'll identify a technology or subject you'd like to explore further on your own. More details will be provided.

A final goal of this course is to help lay the groundwork for your Capstone project. You'll do some preliminary work researching and developing a gameplan for that project.

For two projects in this course you'll have the option to work to improve some existing sites you built. Spend some time reviewing your previous work to identify projects you enjoyed working on. If the projects are in Codio and you no longer have access, let your professor know ASAP.