Web Design III

Mini-Project 1: Onboarding


This project challenges you to add one or more of your previous web projects to Github and implement Sass CSS preprocessing along with related technologies. The result should be a polished site that exhibits best practices and proficiency in front end design technologies.


By middle of 1st Week

  • Identify the past project(s) you would like to use as your subjects for this project. Propose them to your professor on Slack so that you can dialogue together about them. If you need them out of Codio and your membership there is no longer active be sure to mention this as well.

By end of 1st Week

  • Set up repos for each of the past projects you will use for this and add your existing files.
  • On a develop branch get set up according to the structure and tooling demonstrated in Lesson 1 for local development (you may omit the Sass portion for this deliverable)
  • Ensure your professor is enabled as a collaborator in each repo on Github.
  • Add issues in Github to capture specific tasks you intend to accomplish as you refactor and update each project.

By middle of 2nd Week

  • Make progress on the issues you captured in Github, being sure to complete such work on a develop branch in each repo. Commit your changes frequently and be sure to push them to Github as well.
  • Watch for additional issues to be added by your professor.

By end of 2nd Week

  • Continue progress on the issues, closing any that you believe are finished. Commit your changes frequently and be sure to push them to Github as well.

By middle of 3rd Week

  • Complete your work on the issues in each repo.
  • Create a PR to merge develop into master and ensure your professor is added as a reviewer on the PR in the sidebar.

By end of 3rd Week

  • Watch for feedback from your professor on the PR and/or issues in your repos.
  • Address these final issues through additional commits to the develop branch. These will show up on the PR as well, continuing to work it towards being ready to merge.
  • Once finished, your professor will Approve the PR and you can then merge it into master. Be sure to use the Squash and Merge option for the Merge step so that your changes are brought neatly into master as a single commit.

You are finished when a final, polished version of the project is committed to your Github repository's master branch.